Interpersonal connection through touch

Touch Connection, consists of two digitally embroidered textiles, enhanced with sensor technologies, and wirelessly networked.

Touch Acoustics

Touch Acoustics is a digitally embroidered textile interface, a prototype that responds to touch and movement to produce an ar

E-Stitches Bristol

Workshop at e-stitches, Bristol to explore the Sound Sample Player as a learning and prototyping tool to activate textile sens

Textile Voices: Promoting Creative, Multisensory Engagement Using E-textiles and Co-design

Digital tools that encourage and support creativity have been adopted in the participatory, design community to foster persona

Sound Sample Player

The analogue textile sensor sound sample player was made in partnership with Mika Satomi from Koba,

Sensory, Sound Pillows

The sensory, sound pillows involved cross-sector collaboration with people from the engineering, software, design and health s

E-textile Prototypes as Design Prompts

E-textile prototypes previously were used as design prompts in early workshop sessions to increase familiarity with combining

E-textile Workshop

A short one-day workshop to introduce the basic principles of e-textiles to students from the local University. The workshops

Embroidered Instrument

Arduino can be coded to play simple tones using the tone function. A buzzer is attached to a pin to recieve the different freq

Touch Play

Touchplay invites people to handle, move and position fabric discs through the design and structure of an embroidered fabric s