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China Design

Well worth a visit to V & A to see the latest design work coming out of China. Particularly impressed with their range of architecture such as the hard-drive of the Olympics, the Digital Beijing Building by Studio Pei-Zhu. For more info see:


Smart city an interesting eco-project. More info here: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/news/news-articles/0703/07032301
The red ribbon path for the Tanghe river is lovely. For more on this see:

Also liked the fashion design of Han Feng (http://www.asiastore.org/hanfengdesigns2.html) who used fabric origami in her work and evoked styles from Shanghai of the ’30’s. The work of Chen Man whose designs for vision magazine were fantastical. See: http://www.chenmaner.com

Described as a video artist although this title seems quite narrow for her work. For more:

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